Who we are

Hi, my name is Victoria, I am a slightly different individual.

My shop is called the CosmicFlamingo as most of my life I have felt out of place like being a flamingo amongst a flock of pigeons. I have recently begun to embrace my differences.

I have a young child and a stay at home parent with a very understanding and hardworking husband. I have been treated for anxiety and depression throughout my life and I have Asperger's as a result have put a lot of research and effort into the practice of meditation, relaxation, yoga and mindfulness to alleviate some of my physical symptoms. These symptoms include stimming, tics, anxious fidgeting and on occasion panic attacks.

A few years ago I became interested in the tactile nature, light reflection and refraction of dichroic glass and as a result decided to attend a course on dichroic glass fusing with my very patient very trusted sister at a glass studio in Brighton.

Our Glass

The glass we use for our work comes from a NASA patent, called Dichroic glass.

Dichroic glass was originally designed for use on satellite mirrors and the heat shield of the space shuttle. The glass is created by superheating metal to a vapour so that it bonds to the glass. The metal finish shines two colours the opposite to each other on an artist colour wheel.

The glass we fuse to the dichroic glass comes from our suppliers Warm Glass and is called Bullseye glass. This glass comes in transparent and opaque and a multitude of colours making the possibilities endless. There are two kinds of fusing full and tac. Tac fusing will join pieces but they will retain the shape. A full fuse will completely meld the glass together.

Further techniques that we use are slumping and kiln carving. All of our pieces are fired in a kiln due to the high temperature and time frames involved to leave beautiful annealed glass pieces.

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