Starry Night Meditation

Night time guided visualisation for relaxation before sleep.

When you are ready find a nice safe place to sit or lie down allow yourself this time to relax make yourself comfortable if you want to lie down o your bed or on a sofa with your feet up the first few times you may want to read through this script in your hands and take time to allow yourself to create the images in your head and when you are more familiar you may simply close your eyes and imagine the images here.

there is no right way and no wrong way to meditate simply allow yourself to relax give yourself permission to imagine there are lot of ways to relax muscles and ease tension two of the simplest are simply to allow yourself to relax allow the tension to melt or flex and relax working from the top to the bottom of your body clear your mind if you feel your mind start to wander simply allow yourself to acknowledge the thought and dismiss it .

Notice how your body feels in this moment. Let your body begin to relax by releasing the areas of tension feel the tension slipping away, let the muscles give up their hold. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale, let your body relax even more. Give yourself permission to relax. Breathe in and out slowly down into the diaphragm, close your eyes.

You are outside at twilight. It is still light out, but the sun has set. It is a pleasant temperature, comfortable, you are in a safe, peaceful place in the country it can be a real or imagined place, picture a place that feels calm, safe, and serene a place you could enjoy watching the stars at night.

Slowly the sky is becoming darker. The part of the sky is a deep indigo colour, becoming darker and darker as the moment’s pass. This colour blends into a lighter shade, almost green, at the horizon, the sky is an interesting shade of pink, mixed with grey in the fading light. It is very peaceful watching the sky darken. The air around you is still and calm. In the distance, you can hear the familiar sounds of nature. The air is slightly cooler now, very pleasantly cool against your forehead and cheeks.
Your eyes are beginning to accept the fading light. As you gaze up at the sky above, it stretches from the horizon to horizon like a vast canvas. Straight up above, the sky is growing darker, and is nearly black, fading to a lighter colour near the horizon.

The sky is even darker now. It has become a dark black, with only a slight hint of light at the horizon where the sun has set. The sky is so clear…. you see no clouds anywhere to obscure the starry sky. Stars have appeared, until now the sky looks like it has been sprinkled by a salt shaker full of gleaming crystals of salt that are the stars. Some stars are bright, luminous…. others are tiny specs that you can barely see.

Simply enjoy relaxing under the starry sky. Enjoying this quiet retreat. Now the sky is jet black. Out here, away from city lights, the stars are amazingly bright. Have you ever seen so many stars? The sky is filled with so many stars, you would not even be able to count them. Admire the starry sky feeling very calm relaxed at peace stay here in this safe place as long as you need.

When you are ready to leave your imagined peaceful place, you can begin to wake up your body. Feel your muscles reawakening as you take note of your surroundings. Slowly return to the present Move your muscles by wiggling your fingers, now open and close your hands a few times. Return your attention to your body and slowly sit up and breathe normally enjoying the feeling of peace and warmth.

Repeat as needed