The Rainbow Visualisation

Take a moment to find a comfortable position sitting or lying down allow yourself time where you will not be disturbed in a safe comfortable place close your eyes if you want to just simply allow yourself, give yourself permission to relax.

Feel your body becoming lighter and lighter. as if drifting through the sky on a bed of clouds you see the light of the sun hit the clouds surrounding you and see all the colours of the rainbow. Feel your body becoming all of the colours of the rainbow.moving through the colours slowly one by one you can spend as long as you need in each colour but feel and absorb each colour in turn.

Slowly, you move towards Red you are now surrounded gently bathed in the RED light and warmth breathing in and out RED. Your whole body becomes RED. Feel yourself giving out energy and strength. You are now full of energy and strength. Take as long as you need to relax and recharge your energy and strength when you are ready to move gently along

The light changes subtly you are now moving into ORANGE allowing the light to support your weight breathing in and out slowly and calmly surrounded by ORANGE Your whole body becomes ORANGE from the tips of your fingers to the toes of your feet. Feel yourself bathing in the light giving out happiness and joy. You are now full of happiness and joy.

Enjoy the feeling there is no rush if your mind starts to drift allow it, do not force focus or concentration gently allow your mind to return to the point you left back to the rainbow the relaxed feeling of comfort and safety.

Your attention back to the rainbow gently, Slowly, moving towards YELLOW The light Surrounding changing you are now breathing once again slowly calmly inhaling the YELLOW Breathing out YELLOW and tension. Your whole body becomes YELLOW Feel you connecting with your intelligence radiating out YELLOW intelligence. You are now full of intelligence and insight clarity of purpose and thought refreshing and refilling your senses,

We move on toward GREEN are now Surrounded enveloped in GREEN feel it billowing brushing gently on your skin, pleasant calm GREEN. Your whole body becomes GREEN. Feel yourself giving out harmony and friendship at peace at one. You are now full of harmony and friendship. Again stay as long or as little as you need

take a moment to make yourself more comfortable or maybe just scratch your nose there is no right or wrong way to meditate and return to our rainbow

Feel yourself drawn to BLUE to the energy and power of BLUE You are now bathed in BLUE light entering your lungs breathing in and out BLUE. Your whole body becomes BLUE colour. Feel yourself giving out peace. You are now full of peace.immersed in the colour blue content and peaceful calm.move only when you want to when you are happy to

You are moving toward the end of the rainbow now the colours are becoming darker but no less welcome and as we move to INDIGO embrace it you are now surrounded by INDIGO giving out at one with the colour INDIGO. Your whole body becomes the INDIGO colour. Feel the power of the colour feel yourself giving out gentleness. You are now full of gentleness and well-being.

We are at the end of our rainbow now moving into the colour VIOLET, breathe in and breathe out feel the colour absorbing into you, you are now giving out VIOLET. Your whole body becomes VIOLET. understand the power of this colour and Feel yourself giving out beauty and self-respect a power that you have had all the time allow it to awaken within you feel it radiate out. You are now full of beauty and self-respect.

Feel yourself you are the rainbow, the power your colours are shining out of you everywhere. spread out all the colours, you are also spreading out energy, happiness, intelligence, friendship, peace, gentleness and beauty and self-respect. Slowly, bring your focus back to the rainbow allow the colours to blend to merge, changed into a stream WHITE light. This WHITE light is now flowing down the top of your head down to your heart. Feel all the WHITE light going into your heart. And breathe. feel energised feel rebalanced

Rest a while and reflect the meditation is over but there is no rush to move and you can revisit anytime you need to you do not need to do the entire meditation but can break down into colours as you need but never try to force yourself.