Harlyn Bay Meditation

Basic Breathing Using Sensory stones

When I talk to people about how to breathe, and how to use our stones for meditation, i tell them to hold the stone in their palm soft side up and roll their thumb across the top from side to side imagining a safe calm place I usually ask them for their favourite beach mine is Harlyn Bay in Cornwall, where I spent many summers as a child with my family at Bennetts farm. It is a real place but you can use your own place real or imagined I have included a link to Harlyn as it is a beautiful place anyway.

With meditation random thoughts can pop up simply accept these thoughts acknowledge them and allow them to float away if you can deal with them, deal with them afterward in your own time if there is nothing you can do allow yourself to let go of the thought cork it in a bottle and allow it to drift away.

So here it is:

My Harlyn meditation:

Find a place to sit, stand or lie down entirely up to you do not have to close your eyes if you do not want to but it can help focus on your stone, they are all different perfect in their imperfections and flaws as we are as humans life would be less interesting if we were all the same.

Take three deep breaths Hold the stone in your hand , slowly and gently swipe from side to side slowly in a pleasing rhythm, begin to slow your breathing, in taking fresh clean air into your lungs and exhaling the soft warm breath slowly imagine a cloudy sky, no rain, warm breeze blowing inland no need for a jacket, its afternoon the sun has been shining on the ground in the morning and the ground is warm beneath you in your mind sit down comfortably maybe on a chair of your choice or just on the ground.

you are comfortable and safe there is no need to do anything at all, no urgency just you and the incredible relaxing view in front of you take some time to add some detail imagine the waves below gently resting on the rocks foaming and swishing, leaving behind a trail of gentle bubbles the smell of warm grass and ozone surround you just calm and safe peace surrounding you.

you are comfortable taking a moment to allow yourself to relax and settle. If you want to and when you are ready there is no rush begin to look at yourself from within, start to feel from the top of your head and work down look for areas of relaxation and softness in your body breathing in and out, imagine them spreading out slowly with each slow deep breath imagine the softness the relaxation spreading.

try to breathe down into your stomach if you can but there is no right or wrong way, just softly allow your muscles to relax, you can clench and relax or simply allow your muscles to ease to release their tension, any tension in your body simply melting away as you breathe in as the sea rolls gently in and out with the rollback melting and softening.
Feel the relaxation spread and the tension melt feel yourself become lighter as you relax, soft light and relax there is nothing to be done apart from enjoying the view listen to the sea and the birds the gentle warm breeze feathering your hair.

soft and light give yourself this space, allow yourself this space a safe place, calm and quiet, a moment just to breathe in and out along with the sea, gently swiping across your stone allow the motion of your thumb or finger to be the gentle swaying of the sea.

Breathing softly in and out as it kisses the shore and retreats rhythmically allow yourself to stay here as long as you need to it is a safe place, a calm place your place of relaxation only for you, the motion of your thumb the waves rolling in and out your breathing slowly pacing the tide you can return here as often or as little as you need and use the stone out and about carry it with you and imagine carrying your safe place with you in your head

When you feel ready, when you feel calm only then take three deep breaths in and out and begin to become aware of your surroundings again begin to focus on the noise of the world around you open your eyes slowly take as much time as you need do not rush, take a moment to enjoy the warm safe feeling of relaxation feel calm and invigorated ready to try again
Hope this helps I have included a picture of my beach.

Get the Guided Audio Here